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Call us – Logan Lake Towing, in Kamloops BC for 24/7 light freight. Your safety is our number one priority. Our experienced staff is well known for professional courtesy and we go out of our way to prove reliability to our community.
Flatbed Equipment Hawling Kamloops

Logan Lake Towing is well equipped to offer professional towing services for business customers. We are fast and efficient, careful with your property and can deliver your equipment on time.

Commercial Towing Services

We have the specialty fleet needed to transport light to medium vehicles and agricultural equipment. Over the years, we have developed a solid reputation with local rental and sales companies who need to transport equipment to their customers. For local or long-distance transport of your equipment, call us with your details.

For the most reliable towing services in the Kamloops region, call:

Apollo Towing

Phone: 250-682-8424
77 Apex Drive
Logan Lake, BC

Hours: 8am – 6pm (M-F)